11 June 2024

Electromagnetic and High Precision Trigas Flow Meters: Industry Insights

Industry Overview of Flow Meters

Industry Overview

Flow meters are indispensable in numerous industries for accurately measuring the flow rate of liquids and gases. Electromagnetic flow meters and high precision trigas flow meters stand out for their exceptional accuracy and reliability. These instruments are extensively used in sectors such as water treatment, chemical processing, and industrial gas production, where precise measurements are crucial for operational efficiency and compliance.

Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Electromagnetic flow meters function based on Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction, making them highly accurate for measuring conductive fluids. They are non-intrusive, ensuring minimal pressure loss and reduced maintenance, ideal for industries demanding precision in fluid measurement. Their robust design allows them to perform reliably even in harsh environments, making them a preferred choice in the water and wastewater, food and beverage, and chemical industries.

High Precision Trigas Flow Meters

High precision trigas flow meters are engineered to provide accurate measurements of gas mixtures, crucial for applications in environmental monitoring, research labs, and industrial gas manufacturing. These flow meters offer precise readings across a broad range of flow rates and gas compositions, ensuring the highest level of accuracy necessary for sensitive applications.

Dimens: A Leader in Flow Meter Technology

At Dimens, we specialize in high-quality electromagnetic and high precision trigas flow meters, developed by RST Measurement Control Instruments and Automation Services. With over 25 years of expertise, Dimens is trusted globally for our precision, reliability, and efficiency. Our diverse range of flow meters, marketed under the Dimens trademark, caters to various industrial needs, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy.

Why Choose Dimens?

  • Expertise: Over 25 years of experience in flow meter technology.
  • Innovation: Continuous advancements to stay at the forefront of flow measurement technology.
  • Quality: Commitment to the highest quality standards in every flow meter manufactured.
  • Customer Trust: Long-standing relationships built on trust and satisfaction.


Electromagnetic and high precision trigas flow meters are vital for accurate flow measurement in many industries. At Dimens, we are dedicated to providing innovative, high-quality flow meters tailored to meet diverse industrial requirements. Discover how our flow meters can enhance your operations by visiting our company website.

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